That's right... if you've any JavaScript experience, you can now use your powers to manipulate machines.

From blinking lights to Sumo Bot battles, Remote control cats, and Bull fighting with quadcopters...

JS + Hardware = NodeBots

If you haven't already, go check out for more info about NodeBots and see the types of creations people have made.

About NodeBots Australia

The NodeBots organisation in Australia is a community focussed, not for profit, open source organisation dedicated to exploring the ways web technologies can be used with physical computing.

Besides furthering the use of web technologies in the hardware world through contribution to Open Source libraries such as Johnny Five the group also conduct outreach and education activities around Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

These activities are aimed at encouraging people from web developers and designers through to school-aged children and non-technical participants to tinker with hardware through the medium of robotics and familiar web technologies

Become part of our wonderful community

Most of the action these days happens on Slack, if you'd like to join please fill in the form on the invite page.

Follow on twitter @nodebotsau, see our projects on github or contact the NodeBotsAU team for more info.

Upcoming events

Our next major outing is Nodebots Day, we also feature frequently at other events such as BuzzConf, and are keen to hear about featuring at other tech events and conferences.

International NodeBots Day

The next event is on 22nd July 2017.

Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney will be taking part in International Nodebots Day.

NodeBots Day is not a hackathon. There are no prizes other than the satisfaction of learning and making something awesome! There will be little in the way of talks. We're going to get together, collaborate and hack.

Kids love robots! So feel free to bring them along. There will be plenty of mentors happy to help you out on the day but we encourage collaboration. The focus of NodeBots Day is on sharing and enjoying each other's company. And JavaScript. Lots of JavaScript.

Besides our major events there are often meetups and other less formal events happening in the various cities.

Nodebots Melbourne Melbourne

See the Melbourne page for our monthly session details that occur at Hack Melbourne.

Our Sponsors and Partners

We're currently looking for sponsors and other partners to help run our events

Community partners

All of these organisations play a big part in helping promote NodeBots events to the community as well as supporting through providing resources such as tooling (eg equipment such as laser cutters) that helps make the events possible.

Brisbane Hackerspace
Hack the Evening
Hack Melbourne
Web Directions

Code of Conduct

We want NodeBots Day to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. We will not tolerate harrassment or discriminatory behaviour at our events and will be enforcing the policy outlined in our Code of Conduct.